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On-Chain QRL tipbot and faucet linked to the QRL Discord commuity chat. Sign up an account today to start tipping.

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Getting Started

On-Chain QRL Tipbot.

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tip @fr1t2 10.5 QRL

QRL-Tips - Tip Sent. Thanks for using the tipbot!

About The Project

The Quantum Resistant Ledger tipbot was created to enable sending tips to users of our community. The tipbot is a labor of love created, and supported by members of the QRL Community in time and emotional support. it's not always easy being a bot... Consider it a thanks from the community, to the community.

We believe in the power of an open, free, and decentralized future and we understand that secure systems build the path there. The Quantum Resistant Ledger is doing exactly that with NIST approved, quantum resistant cryptography securing the signature scheme and two independent security audits by reputable firms. This project means security when they say it!

All tips are sent on-chain to user's individual tipbot wallet addresses. Users can sign-up through the Discord channel and once setup, can start sending and receiving tips through the tipbot.

In order to collect some free quanta through the faucet you will need an active account with the bot. Faucet payout timing, and payout amounts may change at any time at the bot owners discretion. Remember this is provided as a courtesy to the community, please don't abuse it!

Tipbot Usage

Below you will find a larger explanation to the bot usage. You can always evoke these instructions through the bot in Discord using the +help function

All tipbot commands begin with the + symbol or by directly calling the bot with @QRL-tips

Alias - join, signup, su, Add, ADD
Example command: +add

Users must enter this command once from their main account to activate an account with the tipbot in a server and channel the tipbot is allowed to be in.

Alias - Agree, AGREE, ok, confirm, consent
Example command: +agree

Users must agree with the terms and conditions of the bot. With out agreeing to these terms, the user will not be able to use most of the tipbot functions.
This command must be entered in a private chat with the tipbot.

Terms and Conditions
Alias - ?$, Bal, BAL, Balance, bal, funds
Example command: +bal or +bal Q01060088d97b51178...

Provides the user balance information for both the users tipbot address or any address passed as an argument. Both will report the balance information and links to view on the QRL block explorer.

QRL Block Explorer
Alias - dep, fund, addfunds, Deposit, DEP, fill
Example command: +deposit

Print out users tipbot address information for depositing coins into the users tipbot account to send. Will display this information in a private message with the user.

Alias - Faucet, drip, Drip, payme, freeqrl, free, drop
Example command: +faucet

Collect a small drip from the tipbot faucet. When funded this faucet will disperse funds to users on a daily basis if requested. Users may not receive more than one faucet drip a day.

This faucet is funded by the generosity of community members, please consider giving back to the community. Consider setting the faucet as a mining payout address if you can afford the hashrate.

Faucet Address: Q010300284cc14642e9b2978218f70fcf76274d67d82f3cf7d9038d0e3e43bacfe293773f803931

Alias - ??, stats, status, state
Flags - qrl, market, exchange, faucet, bot, user
Example command: +info faucet

This command will report various information to the user. Command requires an additional flag to get detailed information, otherwise prints a simple information message.

Flag Sub-Alias Info
bot tipbot, details Provides information about the tipbot.
exchange exchange, trade Shows information on where to exchange QRL.
faucet faucet, drip, free, charity, giveaway Prints information on the faucet, including balance and address to donate to.
market $$, market, markets, price, value, volume Prints the current market data from Coin Gecko
user ?$, user, me, account, balance, bal, address Prints user information to private message including public address and balance.
help info, use, what Prints help message
Alias -oi
Example command: +optin

Opt Into the QRL TipBot if you have opted out. This function will not do anything if you have not previously opted out. Use it to opt back into the bot. All funds that have been sent to the user while opted-out will be automatically deposited into the users address.

Alias -oo
Example command: +optout

Opt out of the QRL TipBot removing all functionality with on-chain functions. Users tips sent to a user that has opt-ed out will be sent upon user re-signup, or after a set time will be deposited back into the faucet address to give back to the community.
Details of time before faucet deposit is open for discussion!

Alias -one, plusone, onequanta, 1
Example command: +one

Receive one quantum in return for signing up to the OneQRL.com promotion

More info can be found at the OneQRL site.

Alias -rand, Random, drand, DRAND, loe, LoE, entropy
Example command: +random

Retrieves the latest public random data and signatures from the drand network. The QRL runs a node and uses entropy from the blockchain to help make this cryptographic randomness a little more random.

More info can be found in this blog: The QRL Foundation joins forces with the League of Entropy

Alias -
Example command: +terms

Terms and conditions that you must agree to in order to use the bot.


  • Use of this TipBot and any function it may provide to you, as the user, is at your risk.
  • By using this service you agree to not hold liable, for any reasons, the owner, operators, or any affiliates of the QRL TipBot or anyone associated with this service.
  • Use of the tipbot by users located in countries on active sanctioned lists according to the USA/EU is strictly prohibited. Any user found to be located in a jurisdiction under sanction will be banned from using the bot.
  • By using this service, you agree to not abuse or misuse the service and will follow the rules listed below.
  • Abuse of this service may result in a ban from the service and if warranted legal action may be taken.
  • By using this service you agree to share information about your social media account used for signup to the TipBot service including but not limited to, service user name(s), service user ID(s), all interactions and messages with the bot, and any other public information available through the social media API services.
  • At no point will this information be sold or used for any purpose other than this TipBot service, and is only stored for the purpose of managing your accounts.
  • All funds must be withdrawn to a user controlled account.
  • If a user is banned, their funds will not be accessible through the bot.
  • Any funds left on the bot may be lost at any time, and the user agrees that this is an acceptable loss.
  • Funds shall be withdrawn from the bot regularly into user controlled wallets.
  • Users will not store large amounts of funds in any tipbot wallet
  • User assumes all risk by using the tipbot


  • All tips are final once sent.
  • Tips will never be refunded or returned to a user, for any reason.
  • This service is for tipping or giving small amounts of QRL to other users.
  • You agree to not store or trade currency or for any other reason than tipping users.
  • You will not store large amounts of QRL in this address at any time.
  • You take full responsibility for transferring funds out of the Tipbot, using the +transfer function into a wallet you control.
  • You will not use this bot if it will in any way break any law, in any jurisdiction. +opt-out to disable your account.
  • You will not use this bot in any way that is not intended or identified in these rules.
  • Any tips sent to a user that has not signed up will be saved by the bot for that user. Failure of the user to collect tips may result in a loss of funds for that user. They will not be returned to the sender.
  • Any abuse of the service will result in a ban, and if warranted legal action may be taken accordingly. Funds will not be returned to banned users.
Alias -!$, send, Tip, give, gift, TIP
Example command: +tip @USER @USER1 @USER2 1.233

Allows the tipping of users when tipbot account has a balance. Command requires that you specify a user to tip and an amount to send. Command can send tips to up to 99 accounts at the same time and there is no limit on the amount you can send, as long as the sending address has this balance.

Alias -wd, transfer, cashout, Withdraw, WD, extract
Example command: +withdraw 2.33 Q01060088d97b51178... or +wd all Q01060088d97b51178...

Withdraw funds from the tipbot, transferring to an address you specify. This command will transfer out any positive balance to any address you specify in the command.

All support is via the QRL Discord channel

If you need additional assistance please reach out to the #support channel in the QRL discord server.